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To put it succinctly, we are a couple of friends, partners, tiny-home dwelling, Toyota truck driving, lovers and soulmates from Vancouver, BC bound for Ushuaia, Argentina and back again.  We are hauling a vintage 1974 Trillium 1300 that we renovated ourselves for over 5 months prior to our departure.  Our hauler is named the Green Bastard, a 1992 Toyota Pickup that has been rebuilt twice (hence the bastard moniker) and heavily upgraded inside and out to suit our needs.


What precipitated this sudden urge to sell everything we own and chase our dreams into the sunset?

Believe it or not, what initiated this trip was a $40 rent increase.  It may not sound like a big deal, however when you are renting a 1 bedroom apartment for what equates to a home mortgage anywhere else in Canada it doesn’t take much to tip the scale.  With the discovery of our rental increase posted on our door and once the expletives began to subside, the plan to undertake this trip began to take shape from our collective dreams.

One of our garage sales

One of our garage sales

It now seems like a lifetime ago that Sophia and I sat at our kitchen table and began discussing exactly what it was we wanted to do and where we wanted to go.  We decided that going anywhere without our pooch Monty was out of the question so we would be vehicle bound.  We were well versed with camping and exploring in British Columbia as all our free time together was spent doing just that.  The decision to drive to Ushuaia, Argentina was made because it is the longest possible roadtrip we can take from Vancouver, BC.

Why haul a trailer that far, don’t most folks modify a truck or SUV to accommodate them on such a journey?

We had previously borrowed our good friends’ Trillium trailer to go to Burning Man in 2014 and absolutely fell head over heels in love with it.  We were both very sad when we had to return it to Gino and Lindsay.  We made a pact afterwards that we would find one someday and make it our own.  It only seemed natural for us, having had that wonderful experience, to locate, purchase and renovate our very own Trillium at that juncture.  Towing a trailer changes the dynamic of our trip, just like bringing Monty along changes it.  Obviously we don’t have the experience without the trailer but we both love having our home behind us all the time.  We can always pull over and make some food or take a nap no matter where we are.  Equally as awesome is the ability to drop the trailer in a safe place and take a much lighter truck out for exploratory forays into the wild.

Tim's muddy feet after the rain at Burning Man 2014

Tim’s muddy feet after the rain at Burning Man 2014 – Photo by Lung Liu 


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