Bahia Asunción – Baja California Sur – 14/12/15

BA Truck Sunset

Do you know what we did not spend a single second doing today?


We haven’t even sat in or near the truck!

This is the first day in what feels like months that we did not have a list to check off, a destination to reach or some sort of constraint on our day.

What does that look like, you may be wondering…?  Let us show you!

Soph slept for 14 hours and I got up at the usual 0545 this morning.  After having a leisurely breakfast and realizing that Monty is no longer feeling quite so unsettled, we decided to take a walk on the beach.  We even went swimming!

Monty has figured out that trying to act as a wave break doesn’t work.  He now waits for the surf to break then leaps over the crashing wave.  Clever fellow, is that pooch of ours.

Our host here at Campo Sirena, Luke, has been amazing.  From giving us impromptu surfing and ocean tips to showing us around town.  We really have found a great place to hang up our towels for a few days.  The laundry and hot showers go a long way in fortifying that opinion too!

Tomorrow I will do a lube, oil and filter on the truck and then we can stay until I start to itch for the accelerator and Soph starts missing the “oh shit” handle.