On the Eve of Departure


Our T’s have been almost all been crossed and our I’s mostly have dots, we have been planning and prepping for over 6 months now.  Our home, the now completely renovated ’74 Trillium 1300, is as ready for this voyage as it can get.  Our rig, the Green Bastard, a ’92 Toyota Pickup, freshly rebuilt (a second time) with various overlanding upgrades is now also as ready as it’s going to get prior to departure.  That accounts for the living/travel part of this equation.

Monty is always ready, for anything, anytime, all the time… There really has never been a question if he would be ready.  He loves road trips and is equally enamoured with scaring the fuel jockeys who fill the thirsty 3.0 litre twice daily.  The low guttural growl which precipitates the feral barking and teeth gnashing off glass draw a sharp contrast to his sleepy half closed eyes, dozing in the increasingly warm sun.  His future is full of long days chasing sticks and splashing in the Pacific Ocean.  I feel as though his strong drive to protect and warn off strangers will be an asset as we carry on to the south.
Are we ready?  I tend to turn existential with such a question and really just start asking many more questions.  Let’s not bother with that, I can fill many pages with dithering around such questions.

I don’t think there is really a satisfying answer for us.  We are as ready as we think we can get.  Balanced in there somewhere is knowing we can’t ever be fully prepared.  Sorting out the forgotten details that come up will still be easy for another week or so, at least until we reach the border to Mexico.

Hasta Luego all, its time for me to run through my departure lists and quadruple check the truck and trailer.