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When deciding to embark on this journey, we didn’t think twice about bringing Pepita along for the ride. As we have come to realize since, dragging a camper through this many countries is not the usual modus operandi. The fuel mileage takes a hit, as does our maneuverability.

With that being said, having been travelling now in Mexico for almost 2 months we can’t imagine doing it without our Home! We poured our combined life energies into this fibreglass shell for over 5 months pre-departure, losing marbles at every turn, trying to ensure that we were adequately prepped for a trip of this scale.

We purchased Pepita in March 2015 after deciding to embark on this journey but the work really began in July. Our little Pepita had previous experience on long road trips having been dragged to Mexico for 7 months already. This led us, rather naively, to believe that she would need very little work to take another round of endless washboard and topes, topes, topes.  Here are some pictures of Pepita from the ad before we bought her.


Once our renovation started new discoveries were made daily of past repairs and fixes that just would not hold up to our plan to live full time in the trailer.  Here is the result of our countless hours of work, late nights, early mornings, blood, sweat, and tears.


Pepita aka Nugget
1974 Trillium Trailer, model 1300 (made in Canada)



With the help of friends, and Google, we managed to completely overhaul our little trailer. Every inch of our 13ft Trillium except ironically enough for the kitchen sink, has been either been replaced or completely reworked.

Prepare yourself for the text/picture equivalent to our full-tilt nerd-out, all-consuming life-work this past summer.

Our dear friend Berm McCandless helped us physically and also shared his wealth of knowledge in woodworking to accomplish the following upgrades:


-Custom built wraparound Birch shelving front and rear
-Replaced all cupboard doors + hardware (incl. 5x coats of Varathane for that beautiful shine)
-Extended countertop and dining table (finished with Varathane Bar and Tabletop Finish)
-Replaced cupboard shelves to maximize storage


Electrical Upgrades

-5m LED Strip lighting + covers + 3x Dimmers under wraparound shelving (purchased from Lumenstar LED Lighting Inc., Coquitlam, BC)
-Complete removal and reinstallation of all 12VDC wiring and components
-WFCO Power Converter
– 2x Interstate 6VDC Golf Cart Batteries
-12VDC Accessory Socket x 2 + Aux. Voltage readout
-Installed 150w Samlex Solar Kit and fabricated adjustable tilting mount and frame for roof
-Installed Maxxair fan/vent
-Installed 1000w Pure-Sine Wave inverter
-Removed and reinstalled all signal, tail and trailer lights + new 7-pin connector


Kitchen Mods

-Removed old fridge and reinstalled new Norcold 3-way fridge + heavy fibreglass and woodworking modifications for fitment
-Installed new Stovetop (2-burner propane)
-Installed upper cabinet supports for Kitchen counter
-Replaced entire water system
-New Shurflo pump and single faucet
-New PEX water lines and outside fill, city and drain outlets/inlets
-Installed polished aluminium sheeting for kitchen backsplash



-Installed new Propex HS2211 Forced Air furnace
-Fabricated aluminum frame and skid plate for exterior underside mounting of HS2211
-Replaced all cushions with High-Density memory foam
-Custom sewn cushion covers and owl curtains by Sophia and her wonderful Mom Sharon
-Replaced all window screens and doubled them up for added impenetrability
-Installed waterproof vinyl flooring and trim


Exterior Mods

-Replaced all propane lines + shutoffs
-Fabricated Dual propane tank rack + installed automatic tank switch and regulator
-Installed toolbox on trailer tongue for batteries
-Removed haggard original Tor-flex axle and replaced with new solid axle and leaf springs
-Separated Fibreglass shell from trailer frame and repaired all fibreglass damage (in 4 hours!)
-Refurbished original Trillium rock guard and using embossed Trillium imprint, hand-painted Trillium logo
-Installed puck-lock on door and replaced hinge hardware with carriage bolts
-Installed weight distribution hitch
-Installed new 15” wheels and tires
-Investigated all water leaks for repair + replaced all window frames and resealed exterior
-Removed previous leaky hardware on belly-band and re-drilled + re-riveted belly band

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