Our Introduction to Saladita


La Saladita, Guerrero, Mexico

Soph and I rolled into the Saladita area just over a week ago and we have been so busy learning to surf and trying to learn Spanish that we have completely neglected our devoted followers… (Sorry Moms and Dads).

We arrived first at La Boca de Saladita and found a great host in Reuben at Jovita y Pancho.  We set up camp only to be quickly overcome with some rather unpleasant bellyaches and nausea.  Mexico has taught us another lesson.  Never eat a roadside Coco of uncertain origin.  We came out the other side not too worse for wear and have gained much insight into the selection of coconuts.

Lesson 1) When a coconut falls off a tree, it doesn’t mean it should be eaten.  As we have learned, these fallen cocos are not good any more.  The tree is ditching them for a reason.

Lesson 2) Cocos should always be cut off from the tree with a chunk of their stem still attached.  This is as much a measure for keeping it fresh as it is a gauge for how long it has been cut.

Lesson 3) Cocos left in the sun for ANY period of time are no good.

Lesson 4) We learned that burning coco husks is an excellent insect repellant/deterrent!

With these new lessons in hand we have since had no coco-related issues.  Our stay here in Saladita has afforded us, however, with one other coconut surprise.  Monty seems to have figured out where coconut oil comes from, which in turn provides all three of us with hours of entertainment. Monty skins coconuts at a far greater rate than we can burn them so not only are we entertained but Monty is contributing to keeping the bugs at bay.

_DSC0116 _DSC0119 _DSC0036

A few hours after arriving and setting up camp at Jovita Y Pancho we met David Lawrence.  David immediately put our minds at ease and made us feel so welcome here.  It never ceases to amaze how we seem to ‘bump’ into the right people at the right time, folks who seem to vibrate at the same frequency as we do.

David is a long time surfer here in the area and has been riding the waves since he was 13!  He invited us up to his home to hang out and over to his favourite surf spot to help us along on our surfing journey.

_DSC0057 _DSC0070 _DSC0179

Keep following along for more updates and thank you for your patience while we have been reconfiguring our webpage.


Mucho Gusto,