The Full Cycle


Today is a special day for me as I was reminded in the most beautiful way, of the circle of life and death. I woke up this morning to find out that my dear friend had succumbed to cancer and passed away last night in his fiancé’s arms, surrounded by his loved ones. He was an incredible person with an infectious smile. Just the thought of him puts a smile on my face. His fight with cancer was inspirational and I feel privileged to have been a witness on his journey.

After reading the news of his passing, tears started to flow. I suddenly feel a vacuum of emptiness in this world. The world has lost a beautiful soul. I think of his fiancé, his brother, his family and all the people he has touched in this lifetime that will miss him. I will miss him.

Not 10 minutes after I found out about his passing, I received a message from my best friend that his partner had just gone into labor. They have been patiently waiting for their baby to arrive and the time has finally come. Their little bundle of joy is on its way into this world.

Receiving word of a new light entering this world does not take away the pain of another being extinguished too soon. Though the burden of my pain is not eased with this news, I gain a perspective on the full cycle of life. What does lighten my heavy heart today is knowing that when the day comes to meet my dearest friend’s new child and for every encounter after, I will be reminded of the beautiful soul that left this world to help usher in another.