Troncones – Home Away from Home

Sofia and Sophia at Cafe Sol

Having spent a few nights in Boca de Saladita and paying more than we would like to, we decided it was time to explore cheaper options for a place to call home.  We drove up and down the coast from Playa de Saladita to Troncones seeking out alternatives and found a few that met our criteria and decided to stop at a lovely deli, Cafe Sol, to discuss our plan.  Little did we know our lives were soon to be changed for the better in a drastic manner.

We had barely taken our seats when a nearby Mexican gent inquired about my Toyota truck (oh how easy a subject to discuss) as if I thought it was a sound purchase.  This was our first introduction to Edgar and his family. They are the most generous and welcoming people we have ever met!  We connected with our new fiends with great ease and soon learned they were also recent Pan-American travellers, having completed the trip from their home in Salamanca, GTO, MX to Ushuaia, Argentina only months prior.


Edgar insisted that we stay on his property just down the street in Troncones free of charge and included the use of his power, water and internet.  Sophia and I were honestly a bit tentative, not in the least accustomed to such open generosity from such strangers.  We were always told that if something was too good to be true then it must be, and one had only to wait for the other shoe to drop.

Somehow in the span of 15 minutes or so, we went from searching for a cheaper alternative, to securing an indefinite invitation with no holds barred.  We have taken this experience as proof positive that when you lead with your heart, you find others who do the same.  Edgar took me for a ride in his truck to the property to check it out. It was a cleared lot that was just starting to be built upon.  He told me they were building a hotel and had just started construction.  They came down from Salamanca on the weekends and returned during the week to work and so their daughter Paolita could attend school.  We returned to Cafe Sol and went back to La Boca de Saladita to say our farewells to Reuben and Pancho Y Jovito, collect our life into Pepita and rolled on back to Troncones.

We met Edgar at the property and set our life back up again, all the while being offered food and cervezas to keep our energy up and bodies hydrated.  We were still in shock, not quite ready to accept this new turn in our journey as reality quite yet.


Sunday afternoon rolled around and we were soon saying goodbye to our new friends as they departed for their home.  It hadn’t been since the East Cape of Baja California Sur that we had such a large expanse of land all to ourselves. We had almost forgotten what solitude felt like after the hustle and bustle of Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta, and Lazaro Cardenas.

It didn’t take us long to settle in, though we were surprised to find a pair of local workers on site in the morning digging the cistern by hand.  We became fast friends with our daily visitors, Jose Louis and Benito, though the language barrier was a bit tricky at first.


Our daily routine slowly took shape, we started the day with a few hours of flailing in the ocean which I will loosely refer to as surfing, at least for the first couple of weeks anyways.  We would then return home and take care of maintenance, reading, and let’s be honest, most days included a siesta in our new double hammock.  Dinner was cooked when the heat of the day abated enough to make the trailer bearable with the stove lit and some writing followed and then we were off to bed.  The late-week saw the return of Edgar and Paola, social time and story swapping over delicious meals and cold beverages.  We were quickly realizing just how much we resonated with our new Mexican family.

By our third week we were learning how to slow down and surf, life had reached a comfortable pace and the sights and sounds of Troncones were something we knew we were going to cherish for a long time to come.  We were extended an invitation to Salamanca to stay at Edgar’s home and use it as a homebase to explore the surrounding countryside which happened to include Guanajuato, St. Miguel de Allende and Queretaro.  How could we say no?  We would miss the ocean terribly but one does not pass up such an amazing personal invitation for guided tours and a fresh bed and hot shower.

We are so incredibly excited to be heading inland to see some of the beautiful colonial cities and rich history that Mexico has to offer, a pleasure that we have yet to indulge in.

Stay tuned for more adventures!